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Plan ahead of the market – is the only Mantra we follow.
We’re experts in creating businesses that pulls profitability, have sustainability and are
strategically planned.


In an ever evolving online marketplace, staying ahead of the trend curve is where you want to be. We fuse deep insight with on-the-pulse industry perspectives to define future biz plan you can rely on, ensuring your competitive edge.


A brand is a culture. There is no cult brand without a brand culture. A brand should have its own culture, from which every product derives. The product is not only a concrete representation of this culture but also means a communication. Here culture means a set of plan feeding the brand’s INSPIRATION. The culture facets refer to the basic principles governing the brand in its outward signs which is product and perception. It is the source of brand’s aspirational power which separates it from other brands. This is the core essential aspect of a brand.


Designed to penetrate the market keeping the brand’s top most competitors in mind. Gives a kick start to the brand in terms of visibility and saleability. This tool also helps you in getting planned for your new styles to be introduced and when will be the right time for them to be introduced.


BI Solutions create structural and strategic clarity through transparency as well as revealing never before seen relations between your company’s capacity and the market intelligence to create the most viable and profitable BTP. Zashed works on Targets and so do the brands associated with Zashed. Focus and targets defines the longevity of a business. We put a target of Turnover for you and us calculating your current capacity and merging it with the market demand in your respective category which is thus a brand centric plan through an analytical approach. This process is segregated into an annual, quarterly, monthly targets.


Despite the simplicity in the fundamental ROI equation, there can be many challenges that can prevent a company from creating a clear picture of their ROI.One of the basic challenges of measuring ROI is that success isn’t necessarily defined purely as sales. A brand is meant to achieve brand recognition and perception. These may not immediately lead to sales, but will increase the probability of sales down the line. Thus, Zashed works on the performance measurement analysis which is used to evaluate the efficiency of your investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. ROI will measure the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment’s cost for the brand in every aspect.


Every business has its own unique requirement; our major focus is on communicating well to deliver on your goals and our plans for you and to sit over a cup of coffee too occasionally.

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